The Lord Is My Strength And Song, Psalm 118:14 Bible Verse For Strength

28th May 2022

Bible Study Verse

The LORD is my strength and song and He has become my salvation.
- Psalms: 118: 14 NKJV

Bible Study Message

This Bible verse reflects on how God always has your back. When things get hard, you know you have God. The Lord will always be by your side when things are rough and when things are smooth. All that is yours is all thanks to Him.

Whether it is the everlasting blessing God has for us or the awaited blessing He has promised you, we end up looking up to God because He is our strength, our song, our salvation.

Even when things don't go your way, or it seems like the end, remember that God will always be there for His children.

Do not be afraid of what is yet to happen or what man might do to you, instead trust in the Lord and believe in His words. Seek alone the promises of Christ while encouraging friends and family never to turn away from Him.

This verse encourages us to seek God at all times. If it's not from God, how helpful do you believe it would turn out for you? Do you think man can give you peace as God does? Put God first and depend solely on Him, because no man can ever be compared to our Lord.


My prayer for you today is to keep God close while strengthening the love you have for Him. Remind yourself that He is your only strength and salvation. Remember that He always has you in mind, and keep trusting and relying on Him.

In Jesuscrist, Amen.

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