4 Essentials for bible study | Bible Study Tools

28th Dec 2022

When it comes to bible study let's get intentional, let set up for success, and let the word of God sink in! 

There are several tools you can use to support your bible study, but today I will mention 4 essentials for bible study. These tools are enough, and with this, we can make it happen. Why? Because we can!

Why is it important to have the tools for bible studying? 

Having the right tools will help you not only focus on your bible reading but it will also help enjoy your studying.

Bible study does not have to be complicated and that is why I am providing a short list of tools you need to get started with your bible reading.

  • Bible, you need a bible, if you can't afford a bible you can use an app, but it is preferred if you get the actual physical version because this will allow you to focus and be able to have a quiet moment when reading your bible. 
  • Highlighters, when you read the bible highlight a bible verse and meditate on it, this will allow you to be able to sink the message. A great tip is also to share it, share with someone you love. 

The image below is a link where you can get some highlighters:

  • Journal, want to get deeper into your bible study? Then writing done what you learn will help! When you stop to analyze things you will notice that you will find more things than you thought there were. You can use a blank journal or bible journal, anything works: 

Below the image is a links to a journal I like: 

  • Bookmarks, bookmarks will be needed for your bible and journal, it is a great idea if your bookmarks have your favorite bible verse! Here are some we have: Bookmarks

This is all for today, I hope this can let you see how easy can it be to get started on reading the bible since no major tools are needed. The bible tools I have listed can be very easy to gather together, and you might already have them!

I hope you have a blessed day and remember: You can do all things through God who strengthens you!